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Full-service management and representation, our TTSE team has over 70 years of collective professional basketball experience which gives our clients an edge in contract negotiation, strategic team placement, player development, and resolution power.  Our agents and managers provide our clients with career development plans covering each facet of career landscape, including early on preparation for life after playing. 

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We focus intently on each facet of professional development for each client, developing strategy and plans of execution to attain the optimum outreach and market value. Key partnerships help us in client marketing campaigns and various promotions.  We strive to steadily increase and improve our clients brand development, public relations, following, and brand awareness. 

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We also specialize in connecting clients to various brands and assist in the right endorsement relationships that contribute to client's brand identity and brand awareness.  Our team will continually connect clients to sponsors that identify with their life and career missions, to further broaden their platform and outreach, the true fruit of the "why".        

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We offer a range of consultant services, providing expert advice, to help guide you in every juncture of your sports and entertainment career. We look forward to not only assisting you, but also to educating and empowering.  Helping those from the high school level up to professional player's, TTSE is dedicated to providing consultation to those looking for professional direction. 

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